Analysis of the Adobe exploit within Neosploit

It appears that currently the toolkit is under active development. Adobe vulnerability which is exploited is one from CVE-2007-5659 disclosure.

We have seen some old exploit being added, removed, then added again. This was the MS06-067 DirectAnimation.PathControl.KeyFrame() vulnerability. More on this one later.

The function which exploits Adobe vulnerability (CVE-2007-5659) will try to load ActiveX controls in the following order:

1. AcroPDF.PDF
2. PDF.PdfCtrl

If successful then it'll identify the version in use and will continue only if it's below 8.1.2, which makes sense since Adobe realeased an unpdate with this version that fixed the issue. Then, the version is inserted into an already embedded URL string to download the actual PDF file.

Returned PDF file is around 10K in size and contains Zlib compressed obfuscated Javascript. Thus, any IDS detection which looks for the vulnerable code will not pick this one up. Obfuscation method is the same as for all other pages. After peeling this layer off one finds the familiar heap spray function to populate memory with the shellcode. Then, once again a version check is performed. Finally, a long string is created (~ 44K) and used as an argument to Collab.collectEmailInfo() method.

If the overflow works, then the shellcode will GET a URL which is the same as the one before except for one changed byte (from 01 -> 02), perhaps to track which stage is requested. That file is an Executable which will be saved in the user's Temp directory as "sxoC.exe".

For those who rely on HIDS/HIPS, AV, nIDS/nIPS chances are nothing will be seen, unless the dropped binary gets picked up by AV (right!).

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