Codegate 2011 Quals - Binary 200

The question is:
Reverse Me!!

The binary is a console based PE file. Running the file produces no output due to a certain routine terminating the process before the "main()" function starts. Looking around the code the "sub_401130" function stands out due to initialization of a local array with various bytes. At the end of this function a decryption routine is called ("sub_401070") with the array as input. The decryption loop performs an XOR operation using the string's length as the key.

To obtain the answer a breakpoint was placed @ 0x00401494, which calls the "ExitProcess()" library function prior to "main()". Next, modify EIP to point to the start of the array initialization routine and execute until the decryption function is called. Let it do its XOR job and look at a local buffer once complete to get the answer string.

The answer is:

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