Codegate 2011 Quals - Forensics 300

The question is:
we are investigating the military secret's leaking. we found traffic with leaking secrets while monitoring the network. Security team was sent to investigate, immediately. But, there was no one present. It was found by forensics team that all the leaked secrets were completely deleted by wiping tool. And the team has found a leaked trace using potable device. Before long, the suspect was detained. But he denies allegations.

Now, the investigation is focused on potable device. The given files are acquired registry files from system. The estimated time of the incident is Mon, 21 February 2011 15:24:28(KST). Find a trace of portable device used for the incident.

The Key : "Vendor name" + "volume name" + "serial number" (please write in capitals)

Enumerate a timeline of USB activity from the backup system hive
Disk&Ven_Corsair&Prod_UFD&Rev_0.00,Thu Feb 17 04:41:02 2011,ddf08fb7a86075&0,Thu Feb 17 04:41:03 2011,Corsair UFD USB Device,
Disk&Ven_FM&Prod_Memorette_Swing&Rev_1.00,Thu Feb 17 06:38:21 2011,2008090256000000000000BE&0,Thu Feb 17 06:38:22 2011,FM Memorette Swing USB Device,

The enumeration shows all of the USB devices ever connected to the system. The registry last modified times are written the first time the device is connected, but are not updated when a device is subsequently connected.

Running a timeline on the registry (via "regripper"), we see that only one USB device is connected on Feb 21:
Mon Feb 21 06:24:21 2011Z HKLM\ControlSet001\Enum\WpdBusEnumRoot\UMB\2&37c186b&0&STORAGE#VOLUME#_??_USBSTOR#DISK&VEN_CORSAIR&PROD_UFD&REV_0.00#DDF08FB7A86075&0#\Properties\{80d81ea6-7473-4b0c-8216-efc11a2c4c8b}

From there, we know that the suspect device vendor is "CORSAIR" and the serial number of the device is "DDF08FB7A86075". Inspection of this registry path reveals that the default name of the device has been changed. The registry key "FriendlyName" has a value of "PR0N33R", which is the displayed volume name when the device is connected.

The answer is:

Thanks to our team member tina for the solution.

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