Codegate 2011 Quals - Binary 300

The question is:
Find a malicious ID!!

The binary is a Browser Helper Object (BHO) DLL with a static XOR key "securecodegate", which is used to decrypt few arrays with statically assigned characters to each index. The "sub_1000233E" function is called with the array and a XOR key as input to perform the decryption. This occurs three times within a handler function "sub_1000270A".

The first two calls are irrelevant as they result in decryption of "google_ads_frame" (key "secure") and "client" (key "code"). However, the third call produces the answer string using the "gate" key.

This was identified by looking for various interesting strings in the binary and locating their use references. The XOR decryption routine is fairly simple and can be performed via a IDC script.

We used a lazy/simple option. Register the DLL ("regsvr32 b300.dll"). Launch Internet Explorer, attach a debugger, locate the handler function ("sub_1000270A"). Modify EIP to jump to the buffer initialization sequence, which is right before the decryption function call (e.g. @ 0x10002C96 for the "gate" key).

The answer is:

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